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S T O R E | D I S C O G R A P H Y

Best They Can
A New Release from Brendan McKinney and the 99 Brown Dogs
on Adroit Records

Check out Words and Music on Nashville's Adroit Records!
Brendan McKinney on Adroit Records

Also check out The Nashville Storytellers, a video collection released by Adroit Records

My Dad's Car

"McKinney's latest project, "My Dad‘s Car", is his best yet. It's a CD he recorded and co-produced with his band 'The 99 Brown Dogs' mostly in Bergen, Norway. " This CD has more versatile production and has more of an Uurban feel than the last CD, I’m eally happy with it".

Right Where I Came In
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Best They Can
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Words & Music
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My Dads Car
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