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Brendan McKinney - Best They Can

"Much too cool...I got into his rousing new set of alt country/twang rock, "Best They Can," and his hefty vocal strengths... the Nashville-based musician's show here is quite the homecoming and cause for celebration.
-Jonathan Takiff, Critics Picks, Philadelphia Daily News

"Former local light, Brendan McKinney formed a wailing band and turned out a classy CD that hovers between neo-Nashville ... late nights and romantic desperation. Pay extra attention to 'Get Yourself Paroled'...One final thought for the working people ... SOLIDARITY FOREVER! "
-Mike Miller/Philadelphia Folk Song Society

"There Just isn't a weak moment...this album is rock solid...enormous warmth... Brendan himself has a big presence as a vocalist, grabbing a song by the scruff of the neck...he sings these songs to arrangements that lend them a heroic, epic quality."- John Davy, Flying Shoes Review/ Scotland

" of the most unique and original recordings of 2011...everyone who hears him instantly feels an affinity and closeness to his songs and the characters they create. Brendan McKinney has arrived. "
-Billy Block, 103 WKDF Nashville

"Typical Brendan Mc Kinney...great stories and songs...unique, timely and poignant. " -Jim Attebury/Durango Song Expo/ Colorado

" a masterful work of art...honest and endearing...Brendan has the songs, the vocal chops and a great group of musicians ...just waiting for the right break." -Alan Cackett, Maverick Magazine/ London, UK

Brendan McKinney - Words And Music Nashville

"Our favorite track was Brendan McKinney’s dobro and and slide guitar drenched 'Yeah, She Does, It’s simple, straight-forward and goes down smooth-all while making you want to move your feet" -That Nashville Sound

"'Yeah She Does' literally stopped me in my tracks. The raspy and oh so sexy voice of Brendan McKinney reminded me of Dylan and songwriting skills that reached way back into my memories of Neil Young. The lyrics, immediately, sent me searching for more of his tunes."
-Jan Duke,

Brendan McKinney - My Dad's Car

"Why isn't this Band more well Known? Brendan Mc Kinney is an engaging story teller with a bluesy/rocking country kind of sound and a beautiful way with ballad style songs. Man poetry set to music. "
-Sally Amos, Music Enzine

"...Amerikanske sangeren og laatskriveren Brendan Mc Kinney har laget et album gjennomsyret av tradisjonell amerikansk rootmusikk og americana... er badde smakfulle, fengende og lette aa like."
-Oeyvind Roenning, Dagbladet/Oslo, Norway

"...en artist med solid forankring I americansk singer/songwriter-tradisjon... McKinney har den rette saare klangen I stemmen...en plate det er lett a like"-Geir - Flatoee, Stavanger Aftenbladet/ Stavanger, Norway

Brendan McKinney - Right Where I Came In

" Americankske Brendan er en moderne trubadur...entusiastisk, slentrende musikk I jordnaer americana-stil. En sjarmerendegrytemiks med country og rock 'n' roll...sing-a-long...swinger det flott."
- Jan Arild Larsen,, Norway

" ...some of them like 'It's a Crying Shame' and 'The Proven Ground'-sound like they could be country classics ...the songs are so good...unbelievably catchy... like a musical celebration...this album is bona fide Americana."
-Katie Herman, offBEAT Magazine/Louisianna,USA

Brendan McKinney Best They Can
Brendan McKinney Words and Music Nashville
Brendan McKinney My Dads Car
Brendan McKinney Right Where I Came In
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